About Me

About Me

I am a web developer and digital designer, originally from Herne Bay in Kent. I now live in Cheltenham, having never left after studying Design for Interactive Media at the University of Gloucestershire. I have had a deep-seated passion for the web ever since I set up my own new media business whilst still at secondary school, and have since worked in the Internet industry for over a decade. I am a particularly fervent advocate of web standards and the Semantic Web and an ardent supporter of open source software (or, in other words, I ♥ HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript!)

After leaving university, I spent several years working as Production Director for Phenotype, a small new media agency that specialises in website and web application development, browser-based games and online marketing. In 2012, I left Phenotype to take up the role of Lead Web Developer at Factor 3 Communications, a Cheltenham-based integrated marketing agency, where I helped to raise the company’s digital profile, before moving on to a new challenge, working as Senior Front End Web Developer at Play Nicely, a Bristol-based digital agency.

I am a very out-going, sociable person who enjoys interacting and engaging with people from all walks of life. I always relish the opportunity to work as part of a team in a structured work environment, as I have demonstrated in my current and previous roles. I am also equally happy to work independently using my own initiative, as I am highly self-motivated and a methodical and well-organised person with good time management skills.

I have a thirst for knowledge and learning, and am very enthusiastic about researching and keeping abreast of the latest developments in web technologies and Internet culture, issues and debates.

In my spare time, I greatly enjoy socialising, cooking (particularly for others), watching live music and pursuing my interests in modern history and digital photography.

I have a passion for foreign travel and culture, particularly around Europe and especially in Germany, where I have completely fallen in love with Berlin!

I am also a keen cross-country walker, cyclist and runner – I was even known to organise company runs across the Malvern hills during my time at Phenotype, which were a very effective form of stress relief for a developer who spends the majority of the day immersed in code…

To find out more about my professional experience and key skills, you can view my LinkedIn profile.

Also, feel free to check out some of my favourite projects in my portfolio, download my open-sourced code or get in touch.