As a great proponent of the philosophy and aims of open source/free software, as well as someone who makes a living from working with a wealth of open source technologies on a daily basis, I strongly believe in giving back to the open source community in any way possible. Listed here are a few very modest contributions to ‘giving back’, which you are very welcome to use in any way you see fit (which is the whole point of open source!).

NB the usual disclaimer applies, namely that these works are supplied ‘as-is’ and no fitness of purpose is guaranteed, nor implied.

I have just started the process of transferring my open sourced code to GitHub; this page will be updated with links the the relevant repos when they’re ready.


Imprint is a small, lightweight PHP web application for dynamic cropping and caching of images, which utilises the phpThumb library and Apache’s mod_rewrite to deliver the flexibility of server-side image manipulation combined with a very low performance overhead. It can be easily dropped into any existing web build, whether it be a static site or a full-blown CMS-powered project — I use it with all of my MODx CMS projects, and have provided an example plugin for use with MODx Evolution that demonstrates how to integrate its cache-management functionality into an existing platform. It is also very simple to bundle with a WordPress theme. Full documentation is included in

Factor 3 HTML5 Boilerplate

The Factor 3 HTML5 Boilerplate is my attempt to create a standardised HTML5 + CSS3 foundation off which I base all of my frontend builds. As the name implies, it was developed in my role as Lead Web Developer at Factor 3, and is based on the HTML5 Boilerplate project and a previous iteration developed whilst working as Production Director at Phenotype (which is also available to download), but is free for anyone to download, examine and use.


FullBleed is a jQuery plugin for use in creating websites with auto-scaling full-screen background images, like Newzevents. Example implementation code is included in the zip archive.


BackgroundFader is a jQuery plugin for use in creating a fading background effect on hovered link elements, in order to create pretty animated navigational elements. I often use it to fade in a ‘play’ or ‘view’ icon over video or image thumbnails.