ABX Alert

ICNet International is a market-leading developer of web applications for the medical and healthcare sector, and is well-known for the company’s eponymous and globally-renowned infection case management product. To complement ICNet’s existing product portfolio, the company began to develop ABX Alert, a web application for use in the collection of patient data required by microbiologists and pharmacy clinicians.

Despite being a mature product, the company felt that the existing ICNet user interface was not going to be an effective archetype to base ABX Alert’s interface upon, and so commissioned the design and development of an all-new frontend, to be built in tandem with the prototype of the new product’s backend.

Drawing on user experience design best principles and the requirement to deliver a clean, simple and highly practical user interface that would perform well and look consistent across the multitude of browser platforms in use by the company’s clients, I designed the application to make extensive use of a visual lexicon of high-contrast glyphs/pictograms, generous whitespace and an effective visual hierarchy in order to communicate useful information at a glance.

I then translated the final design into standards-compliant XHTML + CSS, adding in a layer of jQuery to enhance the user experience with AJAX content loading, in order to make the product feel as responsive as a desktop application. Given the requirement for the product to perform consistently across all client platforms, a great deal of emphasis was placed on testing against lowest common denominator systems that you may expect to find in publicly-funded hospitals – namely ageing computers running Windows XP and Internet Explorer 6 – in order to achieve cross-platform functional and visual parity.

Finally, I worked on-site with ICNet’s in-house development team to integrate the finished frontend templates into the prototype application. They were very impressed with the standard of work I delivered and gave lots of positive feedback about the whole collaboration process. Likewise, the finished prototype was met with a very enthusiastic reception when it was demonstrated to potential clients for the first time, and the application has now gone into full production.