Channel 5 website rebrand

In 2008, Channel 5 underwent a massive brand overhaul and refresh, culminating in a simultaneous, multi-platform rollout of the new identity on October 6th 2008. At the time, Phenotype were effectively functioning as Five’s in-house web development team, so the responsibility for applying the new brand identity to the channel’s existing website fell to me.

As the website was built on a bespoke, legacy (read: convoluted and unconventional) CMS application that used ASP templates to generate the final frontend markup, the rebranding process was by no means straightforward. However, my ability to quickly pickup new technology and adapt it to the requirements of a project meant that we were able to implement the visual overhaul successfully using XHTML + CSS and launched it without a hitch on the assigned day, drawing no small amount of praise from our in-house contacts at the channel.