Colibri website

Colibri is a long-established global luxury brand which produces semi-automatic lighters has recently started to expand into offering a wider range of crafter lifestyle products. To communicate this expansion and emphasise the new corporate slogan of ‘Confidence – Defined’, the company commissioned London agency Duke & Earl to reimagine their brand identity and web presence.

Working with the talented Pete from The Republic of Pete, to whom the frontend development was contracted to in order to allow me to build the website’s backend simultaneously, I built the site on the open source MODx CMS platform. As Colibri is a global brand, I built the website from the ground up to allow for full localisation (l10n) of content and the user interface. I handled the tricky task of importing product data to the CMS by writing a mini-application in PHP which parsed each of the various different types of product datasets delivered by the client and uniformly imported each record into the MODx database.

I then integrated the final frontend templates and oversaw a complicated deployment process involving SHH-tunnelling over a VPN to the company’s datacentre in the States to deliver the finished website.