Drago website

Drago is an Italian-based publishing house which specialises in producing contemporary/underground art and culture books and organising cultural events. To better promote their ever-expanding catalogue and position themselves as being at the centre of the flourishing contemporary underground art scene, they commissioned a fully-featured website that would provide them with a large-scale online presence.

Drago wanted their new site to incorporate a complete inventory of all of the titles in their catalogue, listings for all of their up-coming events, an archive of past events, an underground art/culture news blog and an extranet for making announcements and distributing resources relating to new titles to their partners. To accomplish this, I built the site on top of the open source MODx CMS platform with heavy usage of bespoke functionality and libraries and incorporated localisation (l10n) functionality to allow for future Italian translation of the site’s content.

I designed the user interface of the site to be visually rich and to reinforce the company’s brand positioning as a cutting-edge underground art/culture imprint. I translated this design into XHTML + CSS and subtly enhanced it with jQuery-animated dripping paint effects as a nod to the graffiti-centric nature of contemporary urban art. The end result was a website that delivered all of the client’s desired functionality and garnered a lot of attention online on its final release.