Flying High Degree Show website

Until its closure in 2011, the University of Gloucestershire’s Pittville Studios played host to a campus-wide degree show for the graduates of each of the courses that comprised the Faculty of Media, Art and Culture at the end of the academic year. As one of the highest achievers on the Design for Interactive Media course, I was commissioned by the University to design and develop the promotional website for the 2008 Degree Show.

Utilising the brand identity devised for the exhibition by Aden Williams and Janna Liddington from the Graphic Design course, I designed and built a simple but effective one page website which mimicked the layout of the show’s promotional posters and truly took the ‘Flying High’ theme to heart with a jQuery-powered animation that ‘flew’ the user past samples of work from the exhibition to the bottom of the page, in order to draw their attention to important exhibition information (time, date, location etc.) and to tease them with a glimpse of the exhibitions content, before allowing them to ‘fly higher’ up the page with jQuery-powered inline navigational jump links.

The result was a site that reinforced the fantastic brand identity and effectively promoted the exhibition – a great success and a popular talking-point amongst students and visitors alike on the opening night of the show.