Hevy Music Festival 2011 website

The Hevy Music Festival is a small, up-coming alternative music festival which takes place each August in south-east Kent. In 2011, Hevy again wanted to re-imagine the event’s brand identity and website, in order to more closely focus on their now-established core offering of underground punk and hardcore music.

Hevy commissioned the fantastically-talented Australian illustrator James Jirat Patradoon to devise a new, more twisted version of the previous year’s mascot characters, resulting in a three-headed monster sporting a leather jacket and a Hevy t-shirt and a tongue-in-cheek, schlock-horror graphic novel visual identity that would appeal to the festival’s target audience (just like Iron Maiden’s (in)famous mascot ‘Eddie’!).

I developed this new brand identity into a visually-engaging website interface design, playing up the graphic novel aspect of it to create a front page that grabbed the user’s attention and displayed the two key pieces of information – the date and headliners – in an eye-catching manner.

Yet again, the website was built on top of the open source MODx CMS platform, this time with a HTML5 + CSS3 frontend with jQuery-enhanced elements. The site also made use of several custom MODx enhancements I developed, including a module to dynamically build a stage-by-stage lineup poster page, and incorporated my own lightweight dynamic image cropping and caching web application, Imprint, which was written to deliver maximum performance and design versatility. A previous iteration of the website that utilised the off-the-shelf phpThumb application had been taken offline after phpThumb’s inability to cope with the sheer number of requests for images generated by the heavy traffic to the site on a lineup announcement day overloaded the web server!