Leas Cliff Hall Channel Suite website

The Leas Cliff Hall is a unique and iconic entertainment and functions venue built into the side of the Leas Cliff in Folkestone. As well as being a premier venue for live music, comedy and other performing arts, the Hall is available for private and corporate hire. In order to grow the hire side of their business, the Hall commissioned a new marketing website, which I designed and built.

Drawing inspiration from the Hall’s opulent Twenties décor and architecture, I devised a design which conveyed a sense of luxury and refinement and allowed for differentiation between the venue’s private and corporate hire through the use of complementary colour highlights in the respective sections of the website.

The client was very keen on the idea of the website functioning like an interactive brochure, rather than a series of separate pages, so I constructed it to utilise an unusual horizontal layout, with jQuery-animated side-scrolling navigation jump links to allow the user to move fluidly from one section to another. As with many of my websites, the backend was built on the open source MODx CMS platform, with a XHTML + CSS frontend.