Neil Lerner Kitchens website

Neil Lerner is one of London’s longest-established independent kitchen design studios. In 2010, the company commissioned a new website which they wanted to go beyond the ‘brochureware’ sites of their competitors to create an interactive and immersive extension of their luxurious showroom on the Internet.

I designed and developed a complete visual language for the website’s user interface and branding, based around the company’s existing red logo and Swiss-style typography and grid layouts which resulted in an interface that successfully immersed users in the brand without detracting from the imagery of the company’s kitchen designs and features – the real focal point of the site.

Built from XHTML + CSS, the frontend was heavily enhanced using AJAX techniques, bespoke jQuery and open source jQuery user interface widgets to deliver a user experience that made exploring  all of the details and facets of the company’s kitchen designs a joy.

The website backend was built on the open source MODx CMS platform with a bespoke ‘Scrapbook’ featured that mimicked the way people go about choosing a kitchen design by bookmarking printed catalogues in allowing website users to add their favourite aspects of the company’s various designs and ranges to a virtual ‘moodboard’ which they could print out, save for future reference or retrieve for use in a design consultation with Neil Lerner. When combined with the frontend’s immersive user interface, this feature in particular helped to successfully replicate the experience of visiting the company’s showroom from the comfort of a user’s own home.