Newzevents website

Newzevents is a new public relations consultancy based in the UK and India which specialises in promoting Indian celebrities and brands in the UK and vice versa. To promote the business and set it apart from other similar agencies, Newzevents want a website that would emphasise their unique cross-cultural and local expertise and which would be simple to update with news of their latest pan-continental endeavours.

My creative solution to the brief was to design a user interface that made a bold statement, by giving as much, if not more screen real estate over to bright, high-impact photographs of the agencies clients and events than the website’s textual content, a decision which turns the usual rule of visual hierarchy on its head to great effect.

I built the website on the WordPress platform which brings with it a simple and highly usable administration interface, which helps to promote and facilitate regular content updates. The frontend of the site uses an entirely bespoke WordPress theme and was built in XHTML + CSS, with subtle jQuery-powered animations to enrich the user experience.