Peace One Day website

Peace One Day is a United Nations-backed charity that promotes an annual global day of ceasefire and non-violence on 21 September. In 2010, they wanted to gain wider exposure and awareness and so commissioned London agency Erasmus Partners to design them a new website that would act as a central hub for a global Internet marketing campaign and to co-ordinate their supporters’ efforts.

Working with the team at Erasmus, I translated their designs from the Adobe Illustrator flats they provided me with into a pixel-perfect XHTML + CSS frontend. As the site needed to have as wide a reach as possible in order to be a truly effective promotional tool, there were two key central requirements to the frontend build – it had to work consistently across all browser platforms, right back to Internet Explorer 6, and it had to be fully adaptable for multi-lingual presentation, including supporting right-to-left/bi-directional languages such as Arabic.

I also developed the backend of the site, utilising the open source MODx CMS platform and bespoke localisation (l10n) code to deliver a website with support for multiple language-specific editions, including fully-translatable user interface text (which meant, amongst other things, avoiding the use of images with lettering in). The resultant site was a huge success, driving thousands of new supporter signups to Peace One Day from all over the world.