Phenotype website

When the time came to revamp the Phenotype website in 2009, I knew that I needed to design and develop a site that fully encompassed everything the agency specialised in and stood for. This meant building a comprehensive CMS-based portfolio that listed extensively the company’s standout projects with a frontend that presented them in the best possible way to the user.

I designed a user interface that built on the company’s established brand identity, giving the site a solid, unique look that served to reinforce the central message that the agency excels at developing creative digital solutions whilst at the same time giving the work on display in the portfolio room to breathe and speak for itself.

To enhance the presentation of the projects in the portfolio, I made liberal use of jQuery-powered animations and user interface widgets – most notably, big bold masthead slideshows for the high-impact display of work and side-scrolling page navigation that allows users to intuitively flick through each section of the portfolio.

The backend of the site was built using the open source MODx CMS platform, whilst the frontend was built using XHTML + CSS.