Shoe Month

Shoe Month was a month-long sponsored competition commissioned by Wowcher to run on the portals of some of Hearst Magazines UK’s biggest titles: Cosmopolitan, All About You, Handbag and Company.

The client originally wanted Shoe Month to be developed on top of an existing web application, developed in-house to run a similar month-long competition. However, having evaluated the code provided and finding it severely lacking and poorly-performing, the decision was taken for me to rewrite the application from the ground up, with an emphasis on future extensibility (so that the application could be re-used as a platform for similar promotional competitions in the future), ease of administration/content-editing and quick turnaround time.

I leveraged the open source PHP framework Code Igniter and the third-party Grocery CRUD library to rapidly get the application and administration backend up and running, which allowed me time to iterate over the application’s feature set in order to deliver everything the client required and to correct two of the major limitations of the previous platform – the lack of robust anti-cheating measures and an automated, truly random daily winner draw.

The frontend of the application was built using HTML5 + CSS3 to an in-house design from Phenotype.