Topspin Communications website

Topspin are a video and live event production company based in the UK and the United Arab Emirates. They commissioned Phenotype to design and develop an immersive, impressive multi-lingual portfolio website that would effectively demonstrate the wealth and breadth of their mixed-media work.

With video at the heart of the user experience for the website, I had to design a user interface that left plenty of room for Topspin’s work to sit centre stage whilst simultaneously delivering a fully-immersive user experience that complimented the motion graphics on display by conveying a sense of fluid motion, which was achieved through the use of subtle jQuery-powered animations and a randomised, full page Flash background animation of the Topspin logo’s ‘wheel’ device.

In order to deliver an Arabic-specific, right-to-left version of the website, I built the website on the open source MODx CMS platform and utilised my own bespoke localisation (l10n) library to allow for full user interface and content translation.